Super Services of Norwich Connecticut - Angry in columbia, connecticut


This company is no more than a solitary man a beat up truck and one very tired looking employee.He hyped his job and did not live up to his promises.

The coating was supposed to last 3 to 5 years (I looked up the products he claimed to use) in 6 months the coating was peeling and flaking off.

When I called him he blew me off. He never showed up to look at the driveway. When I called him insistantly, he told me I had to pay him to repair his shoddy work. His contract gives a one year warranty.

It's worthless. By the way, he was recommended to me by a trusted friend. Several months after this recommendation my friends driveway began peeling as well. We filed a complaint with Consumer Complaints.

Unfortunately, Super Services is still out there ripping people off. I did get other asphalt companies to look at the job and they said the coating should have lasted 5 years if done properly. Don't use Super Service. They are more expensive and they do a poor job.

More money does not always mean better.This guy is a *** artist.

Review about: Asphalt Sealcoating.

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